Part I: Take care of yourself and the others

In recent days, we have communicated a lot about how to protect ourselves against the current recession.

Ensuring our own business continuity, as well as that of our customers, in difficult times is going to be a focus for the following weeks and months.

We are already grateful to everyone for their flexibility and “can do” mentality of the past few days.

But let’s also talk about the other side. Europe and our country are on the verge of a more complete lock-down.

These are exceptional times, and a warm request is required: Please take care of yourself and others too.

If we do this well enough as a group, we can help limit the consequences of the Corona crisis.

The health of our people and their families is our priority, especially now. We are aware that we do not yet have a full picture of the potential impact on our daily activities.

This will become clear in the coming days, and we will tackle the issues when they arise.

We can therefore fully support the larger objective of the government to limit the number of infections in Belgium and postpone a peak in the number of infections as much as possible.

We have all been made very aware of what we should do in order not to transmit the Corona virus: wash our hands for 40 to 60 seconds, cough or sneeze into our elbow, maintain a 1.5-metre distance from others, etc. But this new concept of Social distancing actually seems to be an effective solution in the battle to slow the spread of the Corona virus.

Only by slowing down the rate the Corona virus spreads can we keep the number of infections below the maximum capacity of the health system.

If people move around, the virus will be transmitted faster and faster. Anyone infected with the Corona virus infects 2 or 3 people.

And because of the virus’s long incubation period and the mild symptoms that are often experienced, we do not even realise when we are infected.

Within De Cronos Groep, people in their environment will also be confronted with the consequences of the Coronavirus.

Let us show solidarity while we can still do it out of solidarity.

Try to avoid physical meetings where possible, especially when mixing different teams together. Look at digital, online tools such as Teams, Slack and other channels that offer online meetings. Stay in touch with each other; turn “the coffee chat” into a digital chat, for example. Do not postpone urgent meetings, but ensure the necessary hygiene requirements have been met. In addition to washing your hands regularly and thoroughly, you can also disinfect your equipment.

When working from home, it is important to make good agreements so that you can guarantee “work as usual”.

There are some great examples circulating here. Don’t hesitate to enquire about what is possible.

Do not start following “fake news”, and try to avoid this from colleagues – follow the federal guidelines:

There are already examples of colleagues taking impactful initiatives out of solidarity, such as;

  • Level 21 ( provides tips on how to keep children busy with educational games.
  • Noblito ( calls for solidarity for all elderly people.

View, support and share them as much as possible. Even if you take initiatives yourself or with colleagues, don’t hesitate to share them with us

#FlattenTheCurve #socialdistancing #takecare #samentegencorona

Take care & be safe,

Wim Bijnens.

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