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In recent weeks, I have used several emails to share a blog post with you following the COVID quarantine. This was partly due to my passion and will to explain things. This same passion led me into the technology sector 22 years ago, just after I completed my doctoral research, when the world was in full .com mode. And I have now been fortunate enough to call myself your Cronos colleague for 5 years.

For me, Cronos is an environment in which I can work on a self-exploratory basis, with my passion for entrepreneurship. I often take on the role of deal maker and facilitate colleagues in taking the next step. We then look together at what we can achieve within our network. Letting people discover the right path for themselves, or creating that path myself, is sometimes a difficult balance, but I get a lot of satisfaction from it.

Based on that experience and passion, I have decided to set up a blog in these surreal times. It is a personal experiment because I have noticed how difficult it is to do business from home with others while in mild quarantine, to be self-exploring, and still find the balance between working from home and home education. It is a professional experiment because it is difficult to close deals and facilitate people from my living room. It is a joint experiment because we are all in the same challenging situation, and we are all looking for solutions and explanations to get through this together.

Using my blog, I hope to contribute to more insights and explanations of the actions and events inside and outside De Cronos Groep during this crisis. Hopefully my reflections can inspire you to sustainable progress, or stimulate you to look at things differently. After all, are we now not obliged to look at the world differently thanks to the COVID-19 crisis?

After this crisis, when nothing will have to be the same as before, I would like to continue working with those who want to. This will help us contribute to an inclusive society, a society in which we human beings are central. A society in which there is room for everyone, a society in which everyone can be themselves, and to which everyone can make their own contribution. We can do business together and use the available resources that feel good to us. Our final goal: to lead a meaningful existence by bringing out the best in ourselves and making sustainable social progress together.

But that is for later, I first need to set myself the goal of writing a post once every week, in order to detail my experience of the insights and explanations of the actions and events inside and outside De Cronos Groep.

I am absolutely open to feedback, and can be reached via

I hope this helps us achieve sustainable progress together. Enjoy the read!

Kind regards


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